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There is a good chance you’ve noticed all the hype about search engine optimization, or perhaps you have no idea what people are talking about. It is not a brand new concept, however, Googles algorithm is always changing so you are going to want to have an expert who is up to date with what is working in the SEO world to do your search engine optimization. Here at Double your Traffic we specialize in internet marketing within the Cincinnati Ohio area. From utilizing social media profiles and coming up with the proper backlink techniques, we know how to accomplish the objectives to achieve success for your website. It does, however, require the very best of the best SEO specialists to do so and that is where we come in at as we have figured out how to rank many keywords highly in the search engines.

Harnessing organic traffic can be a very powerful form of advertising, but because there is so much misinformation out there when it comes to search engine optimization, most people are being given bad advice when it comes to SEO. This bad advice actually ends up hurting the website to the point where it moves down in the rankings and not up. We would like to put an end to this and help you achieve the results you are looking for with your keywords and get your website ranking for the keywords in which you desire. With our help, we can boost your organic rankings and bring more highly qualified leads to your website and increase the likely hood of getting more business.

Google wants the most relative search results to appear at the top of the search engine when one makes a search and to filter anything else to the bottom. Our search engine marketing goal will be to make your website more noticeable and highly relevant to the calculations that push keywords to the top of Googles search engine. Our plan of which keywords to select is based on competition, traffic and an overall gameplan discussion we will have to determine the best course of action to take.

SEO is sort of like putting an advertisement in a newspaper, you receive a ranking on the first page of Google for various key terms and in exchange, you pay for those services. The thing is that today most people looking to buy are not reading the newspaper. Rather they are using the search engines to get what they want. We try to make the cost of our services as easy as possible by offering month to month contracts and allowing you to cancel at any time. If you feel as if you are not getting your money worth for one particular month than we will refund you for that month. All refunds take place after the one month mark due to start up service expenses, so we have a one-month minimum requirement to see if we would be a good fit to work with each other going into month two and so on. In correlation to the value that we are going to bring to your business, the monthly fee in which you are paying is very low compared to the value that we are going to bring to you and your potential customers.

Why Go With Us?

Like we mentioned before, most people have no idea what they are doing when it comes to search engine optimization. They read some article or blog and then talk about it themselves as if they have the correct answers. Here we know what we are talking about when it comes to ranking a website and have proven it time and time again. We like to make our SEO technique simply because it really is if you know what you are doing.


Although you will be able to see tremendous results in a short amount of time, we are in this for the long term. The reality of the situation is that it may take 6 to 12 months to rank a particular keyword. Because of this we start with a strong foundation and build from the ground up. We start with social media profiles that are Google optimized and provide visitors to your website with related information. As a result of this procedure that is distinctive, Double your Traffic Cincinnati SEO has the capacity to do significantly more than simply generate clients. We are building you a brand. This method of branding allows you to rank for a lot of different keywords with the potential of overtime to blanket the first page with social profile, directories, and other various sites. Picture if someone types in a keyword that you wanted to rank for and saw nothing but your brand information all over the first page of Google. That is our goal if you choose to work with us and something that we very capable of doing if you so choose to work with us for an extended period of time. This has the potential to develop a following and create a massive competitive advantage. This will be that foundation that will allow you to achieve your objectives for your company.

Project Management

Based off of the objective we are trying to achieve for your organization and what specific keywords we are focusing on to the market with us you have the ability clarify what specifically you would create and we will be able to tell you how we plan on going about executing that plan. Of course, we will offer our expertise as well and go over an analysis of your website and give our suggestions based on based experiences and a plan of action so we are able to show Google what it likes and start ranking for relative key terms. Unlike conventional marketing, we are able to cater to your ideas and help push your organization forward through one of the most powerful forces out there which is Google.

Moving Foward

The digital marketing world is continually changing and is a lot different that is was just five years ago. The key to success during times like these for almost any company is to work for a group that knows what they are doing. With so much misinformation out there it is easy to just go with what is easy or looks the best. Here at Double Your Traffic Cincinnati SEO we focus on what works and give you the best results possible. Time and time again we prove how to effectively rank your key terms and in an age where most people use the search engines to find what they are looking for not only will these results show up on desktop results but also on mobile devices where most searches are coming from these days. Billions of dollars are spent by business owners each year to advertise on Google, it is time for you to spend some of those marketing dollars on organic traffic which will provide you results not only now but for a long time to come. Free organic traffic coming into your business doesn’t just go away like they do when a business owner pays for Google Ads, but rather these organic rankings are here to stay and help you get more customers for a long time to come. Please click the link below to get started.
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